Zaraz wiosna!



4 thoughts on “Zaraz wiosna!

  1. LaFon Phillips says:

    I have an original water color signed by Treutler H and I am wondering if it was painted by Jerzy Treutler. Can you give me any information on this artist? This painting appears to have been done circa 1943. Thank you, LaFon Phillips

    • I have no idea, Jerzy Treutler was born in 1931. Please read his bio on our website. If you could send us picture of the work on, I can ask Jerzy if that is of any of his or his relatives. With kind regards, Ewa Reeves

      • LaFon Phillips says:

        I just sent a reply to your email. Thank you so much!

      • LaFon Phillips says:

        Good morning Ewa! Or is it late where you are? I live in Tucson, Arizona and it’s about 7:30 AM here. I wanted to see if you received my photo of the painting for Mr. Treutler to see. Thank you so much LaFon Phillips n

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