Jerzy Treutler was born on 31st of May 1931 in Beszyn, Kujawy region in central Poland. He is one of three children whose father was a land proprietor. Since his childhood he was demonstrating passion for drawing, which became decisive factor in his future life.

He studied graphics in Warsaw Fine Art Academy (ASP) under Professor Tadeusz Kulisiewicz. He graduated with a diploma in 1955.

It was during his studies that he started cooperation with Art and Graphics Publisher (WAG), State Publishing Agency (KAW), and the Central Film Agency (CFW). Treutler is recognised internationally for his participation in the “School of Polish Posters”, designing film,exhibition, sport and national information posters for various  central agencies. He has created over 150 poster works alone; several book cover designs, logos (i.e. the iconic emblem of the Polish Fashion Company; “Moda Polska”). From 1970 to 1984 he was an advisor at the Publishing Institute (Central Council of Workers Union; CRZZ), and then graphic supervisor in WAG (later KAW). Then in 1985 until 1991 he worked as the chief graphic for the Polish Association of Book Publishers (PTWK). Under his management PTWK was recognised for its high quality trademark in the market, confirmed by several prizes and outstanding awards.

The artist received the title of Graphic Expert from the Polish Ministry of Culture in 1977. He participated as a member of the jury in several graphic competitions and curated exhibitions. He designed many books in literature, humanistic studies, albums, catalogues, calendars, book miniatures for publishers such as: Nasza Ksiegarnia, Polonia, State Publishing Agency (KAW), Art and Film Publishing (WAiF), Parliament Publishing, Publishing House BGW, Watra, and National Museum, Central Office for Art Exhibitions Zachęta (CBWA) and Lvov Institute.

His posters and illustrations are confident in drawing, bold in colour; distinguished by abstract design typical of the Polish poster artist, underlining the strength of the message. A characteristic feature of his work is freedom, diversity and a vividness of his lines.

Treutler’s posters have been shown in exhibitions of Polish posters in Argentine, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia), France, Holland, India, Japan, Yugoslavia, Canada, Cuba, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Germany, UK, USA, Hungary, Russia (Soviet Republics). He participated several times in State and International Poster Biennales. His works can be found in many domestic and foreign collections and in poster archives around the world and sold on Internet auctions. In 1976 he received an honorary award during International Book Fair for Children and Youth in Bologna for graphic design of Anna Kamieńska  book “Horoscope”. He is prize winner of awards and distinctions in poster competitions for best Warsaw posters of the month and of the year to name a few. He lives and works in Warsaw with his wife.

The Polish School of posters can be best described as being bold and colourful with painterly orientation and one I embraced as a graphic artist with all my heart it was exciting and creative time for me”.
/ Jerzy Treutler /

My first encounter with Jerzy Treutler was quite extraordinary, as he visited me in the flat where the Foundation once resided, and soon after we had published our first book – an album on Polish posters and British films. It was on a Wednesday morning and he rang the door bell.
– Who’s there?
– Treutler! Said the vivid voice.
I did not quite understand who it was, but after a few moments when the tall man appeared in my door I realised…
– O my goodness, Jerzy Treutler, the author of magnificent posters! I have one of them! I shouted.
I invited the unexpected guest, the author of „Five Easy Pieces” poster into my kitchen. It was only then did the image emerge in my head – the white skittle bowls, and a pink one among them, standing out from the rest…

And it was then we started talking passionately about posters and still do.

Jerzy Treutler is a man of vast inner space and substantial modesty, and a subtle sense of humour, who loves the creative process but mindful of the need for detail. His works are of high quality, due to many years of working as a designer. He is able to think like a child with no creative boundaries, but he also works with a sense of discipline and craftsmanship depicted by each precise line that is drawn, in every graphic design.

He is an artist who communicates directly and with the same strength as when the pin ball sends the bowls crashing to the floor in Bob Rafelson’s masterpiece „Five Easy Pieces”. The poster depicts the film’s essence – the Outsider (Jack Nicholson) with broken dreams. The poster quite brilliantly reveals nothing about the story.

It may seem easy to get, but not everyone in life uses the same simple means with such beautiful directness in the way as  Jerzy Treutler does…. /Ewa Reeves, Twarda Sztuka Foundation/

On this site we invite you into the jourey through Jerzy Treutler’s art world…the water is great, come and join us!

For more information please contact:

Ewa Reeves

Fundacja Twarda Sztuka



for any images / scans or information on the Artist, please contact: ask@twarda-sztuka.pl

Below family pictures of Jerzy Treutler:

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Jerzy Treutler in the Balkans at Jugoslavian lakes with his future wife – Alina (Kasia), late 60′

In the autumn 2013, Artist’s wife – Alina Zawistowska-Treutler (Kasia) deceased after 45 years of their life…


Alina Zawistowska-Treutler

At the end of the 80′ a selected poems booklet project was created; it was co-operation of Alina and Jerzy entitled ‘Auntie Kasia poems for Marta with Uncle Jurek drawings’. For the reasons beyond the Authors, the book for the first time came into the light and was published in its visible form after Alina’s death in December 2013…





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